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Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon

Dragon Prince
Blood Bond

Dragon Laird Alyna Lochlan
Dragon Laird

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By Royal Blood -- Alyna Lochlan

By Royal Blood

Locked in a crypt to be lunch for a vampire was terrifying until he awoke and she found he made her heart race for another reason. But the fates had marked him a killer, and she was already fleeing from one murderer. Now they are caught in a web of danger, as both are hunted by an ancient vampire and human hunter. One for a crime, the other a victim.

Duke of Argyll, Lord McLain Cochrane, Vampire, now laid sealed in Menippus’s crypt, a powerful ancient prophesied to awaken with the next full moon. It was his death sentence, but he found comfort with a woman who hid her face and form behind a concealing wrap.

Lady Carmen Richardson held a secret power of destruction. One man was determined to take it at any cost. Who to trust and which narrow path to take was the question. Can they find a love like no other together, or will fate rip them apart?

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