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Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon

Dragon Prince
Blood Bond

Dragon Laird Alyna Lochlan
Dragon Laird

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Dragon Laird -- Alyna Lochlan

Dragon Laird

Enchanted as a child, Rhiannon grows up hidden, safe from a destiny that could be disastrous to her world. But when an evil sorcerer, seeking to destroy the Power of Two, opens the veiled gate that holds the dragons underground, Rhiannon must emerge. She must find the warrior marked with the dragon's flame, for only he can defeat the evil devouring the land.

Laird Dylan is a shadow in his own keep. Branded at birth with a dragon's head mark, he is shackled to a cursed life. Now dragons lay waste to his land. But his duty to stop them is derailed when he meets a woman who is unafraid of his shadowed past—a woman he could love.

In the midst of evil, Dylan and Rhiannon find a love more powerful than dragons and sorcerers. But will it be lost to save the world they know?

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Winner of RT Magazines Book of Year 4.5 Stars Top pick.
A rousing tale of passion and fantasy…a magical tale, well told, with characters who will live in your heart forever. -- Linda Imgmanson

A thrilling, non-stop adventure. Dragons, magic, and illusions are made believable in this brilliant tale of good versus evil. -- Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

A wonderful adult fairy tale…a captivating tale which can be enjoyed by romance and fantasy genre fans alike. -- B Small, PNR

An action-packed tale with ageless themes of good and evil -- and of course, love. -- M.K. Rothwell

Five Stars! …resonates with life and love. The overall rhythm swells with emotion, scenes over flow with action and color. -- Helen Kay Polaski, author of Forget Me Knots, editor for TheWritersLife.net 

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