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Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon

Dragon Prince
Blood Bond

Dragon Laird Alyna Lochlan
Dragon Laird

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Falling For You Kira Cyn


Falling for You

Dr. Reese Givens had it all, money, looks, and women, but he left it all behind in the big city for a quiet life in the small town of Aspen Creek, as a physical therapist. He likes the quiet town, but the women still throw themselves at him. They're all the same and only see money and a handsome face. He's not interested them…until her. She falls on him, literally, like an angel from the heavens, only she has fire and grit. She is a walking disaster waiting to happen at every turn, and he enjoys the challenge.

Barbie Johns is short and curvy, but she is also fire and determination. She works as a contractor, a carpenter in a man's world, she has fought for everything. One thing she protects is her older sister. Past experiences have proven that trusting a man is out of the question until she falls for Dr. Reese Givens. But he is way out of her league, and she knows it. She's a country tomboy, and he's a wealthy doctor. Oil and water. There is no way they could ever work.

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