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Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon

Dragon Prince
Blood Bond

Dragon Laird Alyna Lochlan
Dragon Laird

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In Walked Sin Kira Cyn


In Walked Sin

Sinclair Maroso

There's no doubt I'm bad. I have no soul, and that suits me.
People whisper, I have the Midas touch, and I own this city.
I run things my way. When I’m in public, every head turns.
There is always a pretty thing on my arm, hoping to grab my heart, but I don’t have one.
The women ease the chill that surrounds me for the moment, but they never hold my attention for more than a night or two. My demons are a constant torment.
That is until I spotted her. The air rushes from my chest, as if I'm hit, where a heart once beat. My controlled world is tilted on its axis, and she becomes my obsession.
She likes playing hard to get, but I'll have her. I always get what I want.

Francesca Leonelli

She was thrilled to get hired to work on a wealthy man's yacht for a week as a server. She needs the money to pay her father's hospital bills. 
Sin is the sexiest man she has ever seen with an ego to match. He's a player, and she knows it, so she has no problem in bringing his ego down a peg or two. 
He thinks just because he has money he can take what he wants, but she is about to show him the error of his ways.

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