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Curse of the Dragon
Curse of the Dragon

Dragon Prince
Blood Bond

Dragon Laird Alyna Lochlan
Dragon Laird

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Only Ever With You -- Alyna Lochlan

Only Ever With You

When tragedy brings Zac Mannered home from the military to the small town where he and Sophie grew up together, he is a broken man. The pain, scars, and death of his friends cause him to struggle with life. But when he comes across Sophie, at the physical therapist center, he knows he has to make things right with her. Losing her was the biggest mistake he ever made. Can he believe in miracles again? Would she see the broken man, or could she look past all his scars inside and out?

Two years ago, Sophie McConnell was devastated when Zac made a decision that shattered their relationship. Determined not to fall for him again, she must avoid the man who broke her heart. The small town of Aspen Creek Valley hasn't changed. The festival of lights still must go on, it's Christmas, and miracles still happen. The community of town folk believes anything is possible, but she holds a secret that could destroy her if she's not careful. Sophie learns that things are not always what they seem, and she must figure out if Zac's worthy to know her precious secret.

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